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How to hack windows live id (Hotmail) password? How to ensure your Live account

Here is the article we introduce to you about how to hack windows live id 
(Hotmail) password? and how to ensure your Live account. Invite you to refer to our article.

1. Enter your email address and confirmation code

2. Select "Use my location information and secret answer to verify my identity"

3. Select the country, postal code, territory and secret answer

If you're importing all these details correctly or share some place in the social media accounts, it is time to change the value. For the next screen is to break passwords

So, it is your responsibility to change the values to your account will be guaranteed.
And here's how you can change your security question and other details used to recover your password:

1. Click to add option from the menu options

2. Click the "View and edit your personal information"

3. Click the correct change for questions

4. Enter your password and other details and click save

And that is our article to help you how to get your account information secure and more powerful, do not use it to hack another person's account.

The best way to secure your Hotmail account

Here's our article will introduce to you about ways that you can apply to security and to the security of Hotmail accounts are better services. Have you read and reference.

1. Use strong passwords

This is the first set and the most important to note that user. When you use a password, you should be strong and secure password should not be easy to secret no one can use certain algorithms to guess your password. So what makes a strong password? You refer to some of the following requirements:

Not a word in the dictionary (irrespective of any language)

Not a variation in the dictionary

Not from repetitive sequence

Do not include any personal information (date of birth, full name ...)

There are many programs to generate random passwords, but if you want to remember your password, you should follow the instructions to create a password that is the Microsoft proposal.

Use HTTPS connection

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP traditional methods means you are using a means of ensuring the communication between the server and your computer Hotmail. If a hacker prevent the connection during the exchange of information, then immediately connected this will simply stop, and hackers will not be able to get any information. Most modern browsers will display a green bar that the owner of that website at the address bar. Make sure your employer when you open it Microsoft Corporation.

The following information is displayed in Internet Explorer:

And here is a screenshot of Firefox:

To always use HTTPS, just visit the Microsoft SSL management and select "Use HTTPS automatically".

Note: If you are using an Outlook Hotmail Connector client with either Windows Mobile, you will encounter some problems with HTTPS. You can skip the above settings and select the "Do not use HTTPS automatically". Then always open Hotmail using to check your email.

Password Reset Information

You need to ensure that the Password Reset Information is reset in the Hotmail account has been updated. So in case if you forget your password, you will be reset your password by using this information to restore. To reset the password information, you need a Windows Live account page:

You always need to have a secondary email address (can attach the Hotmail account) so that information to reset your password will be sent to this email if you forget accessories.

In some countries, users can add their phone number on the option to recover your password. The information will be sent to the phone number registered in the account.

You can also add to the Trusted PC, using your account on a computer. Windows Live Essentials to be installed for this feature to work.

And finally the question of security. This is equally important, the security question should be to ensure safety, such as passwords, you should designate a safe answer is to hackers.

Using Hotmail on public computers

There will be times when you need to check your email on a public computer, when your personal computer is not available for use. First is the only use HTTPS instead of HTTP protocol simple, the "Get a single use code to sign in with" a great choice for those in supported countries. Instead of having to type in your master password, the user will be given a code number on the mobile phone. You can use the code is generated automatically to log into your Hotmail account in a certain time period.

Only with the basic knowledge you can feel secure in using the service before Hotmail safely leakage threats or ha

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Hotmail Sign in Login: 2-step Verification

Hotmail is used quite popular around the world and the oldest. Currently being upgraded as the Outlook e-mail service with a host of new features to create a user-friendly interface and easy to use for users. 
You need to have an account and a password strong enough to ensure your account is safe. However sometimes your password easily be discovered by hackers online. To prevent this you should verify your account through 2 steps
You will visit to activate the 2-step verification process for your Hotmail account. 
Make sure that you have entered your mobile phone number and your email address before you try to activate the 2-step verification process. You will also need to sign in to your Hotmail account to start this process. Once you enter the page for 2-step verification process, you need to search for the link to ' set verify two step ' and click on it. You will either need to enter your phone number or your email address where Microsoft will send a verification code. Once you have entered your phone number or alternate email address, you need to click on the save option that you find on the page.With this, now that you've enabled the two-step verification on your Hotmail account.
Sign in with 2-step verification
After you have enabled verify 2 steps or visit the Hotmail account, you can sign in to your Hotmail account in the normal way using the username or email address and password. Next, you need to click the login option and now you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to enter a verification code in two steps. The code would have reached the cell phone or your alternate email address. All you need is to enter the code in the type box provided and then click send options to enter your hotmail account. The code will have a 6 digit code and once you have entered the code correctly, you will be able to access Hotmail post your log in the mail.
If you are using the same computer or laptop to access your Hotmail account, then you can check the small box in front of this message is "I login frequently on this device. Don't ask me for a code ".Once done, you will not be asked to enter a verification code 2 steps when you access your Hotmail account from your PC or laptop. If you access your account from a public computer, then Microsoft will ask you to enter the 6 digit code that it will send you to access your Hotmail account.

You can reference more about Hotmail  sign in to hotmail hotmail review recover hotmail password

=>> How do I find out who owns a Hotmail account?

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How do I find out who owns a Hotmail account?

Our Web sites are giving you the most interesting articles. To better understand your Hotmail or address the difficulties that you encounter while using it. If you are a frequent contact with people friends and loved ones with Hotmail, take some time to find articles on our site.

First, let's look at why it is difficult to determine the owner of a Hotmail account, Yahoo, Gmail ... or any free email account for that problem.
Sign up for one and that you are doing so, lie. Lied about everything. I mean make up every last bit of information that the Hotmail asking you when you create an account. Make sure it is all completely bogus. When you're done, you'll have a Hotmail account to work without any information related to you in any way. Nobody.

So if someone created a Hotmail account in this way, no way to say that they really are people from the account information, because as you have done, they can only make it all up.
HackerThere's a small, thin strands of information that might provide a clue, however: the IP address from which the account was created. And it can not help anything. Why? An IP address does not specify a name or a location, only one computer. IP addresses can change, it can be a router or proxy server to thousands of users or computers can be a public computer, such as those in a library. And, of course, you'll need the folks at Hotmail to let you know what IP addresses were used.
The result is an IP address is not a way for ordinary folk like you and me to identify anyone. And so an IP address is useless for you and me to determine Hotmail account holders.

If, and that's a big if, an IP address can be traced to a specific user or location, it requires the cooperation of ISPs and perhaps others involved. Due to privacy laws, the ISP will not disclose this information to anyone without a legitimate reason. And "a good reason" usually means a) account to be used for something illegal, b) you involve law enforcement, and c) then they come back and received a court order to have the ISP or other organizations to release information - if the information is even available.

Also remember that many spammers and virus disguised as an email from Hotmail account. Even if you can trace the owner of the account, they can not even relevant.
The answer is not practical, you can not tell who owns a Hotmail account.
If you receive harassing, threatening, or otherwise illegal capable email, then by all means, in relation to the relevant authorities.
Otherwise, the Delete key is your friend. My approach will be immediately deleted messages and ignore it completely. If your e-mail program that supports it, I even want to create a rule to automatically delete the mail from that account when it came or blacklist on my spam filter.

Hotmail is one of the mail system most used (and abused) on the planet. One of the reasons why is because it is nearly impossible to tell who actually owns a Hotmail account.
There are situations where I believe it's possible to find the owner of a Hotmail account, but it is difficult and you will not like what it takes.
If the article is helpful to you, but you feel the excitement of other issues related . Refer to the article on our site.
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Unable to login to Hotmail or Outlook account - Microsoft account doesn't exist.

How to reset the password for Hotmail or Outlook account?
First, you need to reset your internet browser then go to the official website Hotmail or Outlook and click the option can not access your account?
You will see why you can not sing? page, choose one of the options below:
I forgot my password
I know my password, but can not log in
I think someone is using my Microsoft account
Then you will see a page restore your account. Enter your account or phone number and the letters Captcha Microsoft expressed then click Next.

The next page will say we need to verify your identity. You need to choose the best option to get the security code and click Submit code. If you do not have access to any of the options, you need to click the option that says I do not have any of these and click Next
On page Recover your Microsoft account, you need to enter your Microsoft account again you are trying to recover and new contact email, where you want to receive information associated reset, then press next

Only one option left now but to fill in the form to reset your password. Fill it as instructed and waited for reverting.
If you are still experiencing problems and need support for Outlook or Hotmail supportthen click Technical Help button below or to Microsoft step by step instructions to not block Hotmail or Outlook account.
Account does not exist
The first possibility, that you can make any typos or spelling mistakes in typing Outlook or Hotmail email address in this field.
Another possibility is that you can not access Outlook or Hotmail email your id during the past 365 days, so it was removed from the server and now you are getting an error message when you are trying to login.

Your account may have been deleted by yourself or others, often in these cases the competition or hack is found to be involved.
Outlook or Hotmail account you may have been hacked and maybe it has been renamed, so your original email id will become an Alias. Therefore, when you try to sign in with your original account (which is an alias for now), the system will remind you that it does not exist.
While logged into account your Hotmail or Outlook, which can be quite shocking and frustrating at the same time when you get the message that Microsoft account does not exist, as you remember that you signed in to the same account only a few days ago. the possibilities and what remedial measures are? Please read the article above.
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Guide check for new mail to Yahoo Mail is not

Read the article below us. Make sure you will be very excited because it brings many good things and help you a lot
- Check Yahoo mail is simple, after logging into Yahoo mail as instructed above you can simply click: Inbox, you'll see a list of emails sent to here, if bold is email email new arrivals, and emails are not bold, the email you have read already.

How to Check Email Yahoo
- Click on a title to open and view the content of messages Yahoo Mail.
Instructions on how to send e-mail using Yahoo Mail
+ Step 1: After logging into Yahoo Mail inbox, you click on "Write" in the upper left corner of the site, under the logo Yahoo Mail, as shown below:

Select Writing
+ Step 2: Enter recipient information Yahoo Mail and mail content editor, attach files to Yahoo Mail, according to the form in the image below:

Sample e-mail editor
- After filling up all the information you click "Submit" to send. You will get the message "Your message has been sent" -> How is your email via Yahoo Mail Success!
- This is a pretty important job, if a certain friend phoned just send email via yahoo contract or your mail, then you should know how to check if you have not received a letter.
If the article has helped you. Please read the other articles on our site

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How do I buy an email address?

Continue to use Yahoo email but buy upgrades Czech.
Assuming you're using the free version, with upgrades Yahoo! Add that cost less than $ 20 a year. The main advantage is the ability to download Yahoo email and messages stored on your local computer using the POP3 protocol.
All popular email programs such as Outlook Express, Outlook or Windows Live Mail can access your Yahoo account (when it was upgraded to Plus) using Post Office Protocol (POP3). The main advantage: once downloaded messages will be available on your local computer even without an internet connection.
Thus, with the Plus upgrade you can not only check messages using Yahoo webmail interface, but also with an email client program.

Buy your email address
Unfortunately, Yahoo! Mail email address, even with upgrades Plus, just do not make the cut. your business will still seem like a mom and pop shop, if you know what I mean. A business email address must impress potential clients and customers, and it will not do so if it comes from a popular email service (and free), such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.
To present a professional image, one of the capability and confidence, you need to get an email address on a personal domain name, usually one that will be (in the future) the web address of the site of your company. Details on where and how to get your own domain name below - it's a fairly simple process. Then you can buy the same email address as an add-on for sequence domain.

  • Suppose you have decided on the name of your business, Network Solutions head off to buy a domain name and email address. FYI, NetworkSolutions is the first company to sell domain names in the world and still be able to be the best.
  • You can get a complete business package - domain + web + email + web site from Network Solutions at a very reasonable price. This way, if you want to hold off on the site, you simply buy the package with the domain email.
  • Multiple email addresses can be set up on your domain. So you can have one for 'sales', one for 'support' ... this is all in addition to a personal email address for each employee!

Email you purchase will be friendly as Yahoo! Mail?
I have always rated the best Yahoo email is email in the world because of the ease of use of its webmail application. However, you can see the interface of the better new email address. So, it all depends on personal preference. You will definitely take a few days to learn the ropes of webmail email address that you have purchased.
Any case, as mentioned above, the best way for professionals to use email through a dedicated e-mail software. Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird email program is a popular free. You should also consider the option of using an email program such as Outlook professional cost about $ 140. Outlook integrates well with other Microsoft products, including a schedule and stronger. So when you buy an e-mail address from Network Solutions, you not only can access it with webmail but also through the e-mail program.

Continue to use both e-mail accounts - and a Yahoo address at your domain
Yes, you can use both Yahoo! and your new email address at the time of purchase. In fact, you can even link them up by automatically forwarding mail from Yahoo to the new account (Plus upgrade necessary), or vice versa.
A professional email solution, one that you pay for, is always better than a free choice. Why? Better control, better support and less risk of 'losing' a message from the server. The last point is particularly applicable to Yahoo! Mail that, at the time of writing, still does not allow you to download email to the local computer for free, unless you use Yahoo email programs. Any way, if you want to buy an email address, here are the different options.
Remember when developing your business, check email through webmail becomes a little difficult to use. I recommend using an email program as it will not only save you a lot of time but also helps you organize and better manage email. For more, read about the advantages of e-mail programs such as Outlook Express.
If the article has helped you. Please read the other articles on our site

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Hotmail Plus - features of Hotmail's paid version

Hotmail Plus website with the features of the paid version of the webmail service
To get Hotmail Plus, log into your email account and click the "More Options" menu "Options". Locate the "Upgrade to Hotmail Plus" link in the left column and follow the instructions for payment. I also use counterfeit money will get better support and help from the staff Hotmail.
Update (April 2011): The link appears to be broken Hotmail Plus! Perhaps Microsoft is planning to eliminate it entirely; At least it looks like they may not participate in the new register. Come to think of it, the point of Hotmail Plus when all free accounts in POP3 and unlimited space is what.

At the time of writing the users free Hotmail account storage space is unlimited size 25MB email attachment. You can forward the message to another email account of your choice. Previously, only forwards allowed Microsoft as other account,, etc.
Free POP access Hotmail has (finally) be allowed on all accounts. Now you can configure Hotmail in Outlook Express or any other email client support for Post Office Protocol. In addition, subscribers have switched to Gmail without having to check the accounts is one of the Hotmail can receive mail on Gmail.
Hotmail Plus - get more by paying a small amount
Hotmail also has a paid version called Hotmail Plus without display advertising cost a little less than $ 20 per year. It may also have a few extra features such as attachment size larger or a larger email sending limits, but I'm not sure. However, I do not see a great benefit in this update, unless you want to attach larger files or are not satisfied with the ad is displayed in your account.

Hotmail is one of the web based free email services are the most popular in the world to second only to Yahoo! Mail - please refer to the article on statistics using Gmail for details. It was launched in 1996 (American Independence Day - July 4), and acquired by Microsoft after about 1. 5 years for an estimated $ 400 million to some 8.5 million subscribers who use . Using their marketing power and deep pockets, Microsoft was able to increase the number of such diversity.
If the article has helped you. Please read the other articles on our site

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The steps to create Hotmail email signature

The email signature I created in Hotmail - with a web link to my website and logo
By creating a signature, if you do not know HTML, you can always use a WYSIWYG HTML editor for free to stir up a beautiful view of the art piece that attaches to all outgoing email messages.
An email signature, if you do not know, is a small bit of information is usually mounted at the bottom of a message. A regular email signature contains the person's name, contact information (address, phone, fax and mobile phone numbers, e-mail) and web site address. Also, it is not uncommon to see email signature is "exploited" to sales, bringing blurbs about promotions taking place. And in the e-mail program (such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail popular), you can even include your business logo in the signature. Anyway, the choice of having a long or a short email signature is entirely up to you.

An email signature in Hotmail
You create an email signature in Hotmail via the "Options". Once in this section, click on the "Personal e-mail signed" under "Customize your mail" group.

You to the "Personal e-mail signature". You can create a Hotmail e-mail in three ways:
Rich text: Text formatting in the signature, include the link and insert emoticons using the options on the toolbar. This is the simplest way to create fancy signature.
Edit HTML: Gives you full control of Hotmail email signature should look like - obviously, you need to know a little HTML ... or a collage from a HTML editor.
Plain text: signature Vanilla flavor - simple plain text!
In any case, choose your preference and are displayed in a large box, start typing the email signature. It will be added to the bottom of every email you send from your Hotmail account.

As mentioned above, Hotmail allows you to create an email signature that complicated really means, you can embed the URL (web link), emoticons, etc. via the "Rich text" interface. And if you know a little HTML, you can get really fancy signature with the picture. To learn how to use text features and rich HTML editor, please refer to the way in Hotmail email signature.
A note about the photos in Hotmail email signature: You can link to an image stored on your web server or a web page hosting free image.
When satisfied, remember to save the changes.
To check your email signature, return inbox and create a new email. Signature should be right in the big box email message. Here is what I created in a few seconds.

Hotmail, like web-based email service more popular, allowing you to create an email signature is included at the end of the message you sent from your account. This feature is found under the settings or options Hotmail section.

If the article has helped you. Please read the other articles on our site

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Set up Hotmail email account on your computer

We are trying to learn and share with you the things most needed when using hotmail. If you are concerned about it, please read our article at
Your Hotmail on your computer. I have step by step instructions with screenshots for Windows Live Mail - in fact, you can add your Hotmail account just as you add any new POP based email account.
Set up your Hotmail account with more benefits.

You can maintain two copies of a Hotmail e-mail on the server and someone else on your local computer.
The copy of the letter on your hard disk protection or accidentally deleted online account hacking.
Now you can backup all your Hotmail email.
You can never run out of storage space, as long as you keep a backup and clean up your online account.

You need an email program to set up your Hotmail account on your computer
To set up a Hotmail account on your computer for free, you need an email program is also known as an email client. FYI, most of you may already have one installed on your system. If you do not you can get a free - refer to the list below and also the list of popular email programs.
Windows XP: Using the inbuilt Outlook Express or choose from Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo Zimbra desktop email program, IncrediMail, etc.
Windows Vista: Use the Windows Mail email client Windows Live Mail or received, Thunderbird, Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop, IncrediMail, etc.
Sorry no Outlook Express to Vista users - you can not install this email program on your operating system.
Macintosh: Apple mail, e-mail program Zimbra Desktop from Yahoo!, Thunderbird, etc.
PC Linux: Thunderbird, Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop, etc.

Setting up POP for Hotmail accounts
Once you have selected an e-mail program, note Hotmail POP settings and configuration and setup email accounts
Please refer to other articles on this website for details.

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What’s New in Hotmail

With hopes can compete fairly with Gmail, after a period of being forgotten and not trusted by users, Microsoft decided to officially launch the new version of Hotmail.

The new version of  Hotmail.

After a time out, the user has to switch from gmail hotmail, from which Microsoft has won over many users.

Since then we see Microsoft try and confidence to compete with Google in the field of web-mail, which is all thanks to the new version of Hotmail launched.

Please join us to learn and discover what led to this change.

1.User-friendly interface

Hotmail new version gives users a clear interface and convenient.

With little advertising set, hotmail has brought the first great dining for everyone. It can be said that less than Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. With Hotmail users can also manually disable your ads by clicking the "Close Ad" button below.

And users will feel quite handy when you want to access the utilities and Microsoft services like Windows Live, Office, images ...

In which users can create folders by clicking on the button "New Folder", and the default folder Hotmail placed on the left side on the screen.

Bing's search box design email email list on the right. If you want to email just fill in the sender's name, keywords, date ...

2.Add more feature rich.

SkyDrive allows users to store documents up to 25GB

Hotmail allows users to store all types of documents and images via up to 25GB SkyDrive service (Gmail is 7 GB).

Hotmail new version also allows users to synchronize data from your computer to SkyDrive. This feature is quite useful and convenient, you can access your documents anywhere, anytime, and especially without fear of data loss in case of trouble.

Office Web Apps is considered the most prominent service which allows creating and editing text files, slideshows, online excels. Thus, users off the ice will find Hotmail convenient than ever.

For people who prefer social networks, Hotmail allows you to connect to their accounts on social networks with your Hotmail account. All update information will be displayed right in Hotmail via the “Social Updates” button.

3. Speed
In this update, Hotmail has optimized source code to achieve the highest speed. According to our reviews, the load speed of Hotmail evenly matched Gmail even faster sometimes.

Thanks to fast speed, Hotmail has attracted many users from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.


The competitiveness of the services on the internet is increasing. Sometimes only a few changes making its services rise ahead of competitors. This change of Microsoft has proved it.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Send and receive Hotmail from your Gmail account

Have you ever thought and want to read Hotmail from within your Gmail account?

Right now we will guide you how to send and receive with an email address from Gmail @ ....

Just the simple steps to do it. so you just spend a little time with us and discover!

Activate hotmail from gmail

Step 1: First you need to log in to your Gmail account, click Settings next click the Accounts tab, click tiesp procedure "Add a mail account you own."

Step 2: At the next screen, enter the Hotmail in the Address field and then click Next Step.

If you want the connection work, you need to enter the appropriate settings here. In Windows Live account, please enter your user name and your password. You will have to make sure that the settings are correct.
- POP Server:

- Port: 995

- When mailing always use a secure connection (SSL)

Step 3: Keep a copy on the server and archive incoming message. Next click Add Account to continue

Caption: Select the option to "Leave a copy of messages on server access" if you wish to leave your message in the Hotmail account.

Step 4: To continue, click "Yes, I want to be able to send mail as ..." This will allow you to send email such as Hotmail or Live account and then click Next Step.

Step 5: Now you can verify or edit the name on the email or if you’d like replies to be delivered to another account enter in a different Reply-to address.

Step 6: Finally Gmail will send a verification to your Hotmail or Live account.

Step 7: Once you get the verification code, enter it and click the Verify button.

Step 8: To send an email using your Hotmail account, just use the “From” drop-down when composing a new message.

Now you can Send and Receive your Hotmail in your Gmail Account!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

How to create a virtual account 5

For all users of the company's email service Hotmail Microsoft recently launched a new feature alias email. A single master account this feature allows us to both users create virtual email addresses 5 and manage them.

Globally this free feature will apply to all Windows Live Hotmail account There are many features that Hotmail need to follow and that is the biggest rival of Hotmail appears to be a pioneering innovation pass Gmail

Hotmail users daily face many troublesome issues in the management accounts because the use of two or three or more email addresses of the essential .A is dividing your email address so that the appropriate demand reduce the inconvenience and to increase the number of email accounts that each person has.

Windows Live Hotmail will solve the problem it helped create these.And email addresses completely different to other people do not know your account and that you can use to receive emails to anyone.
In fact, Microsoft has provided all the online channels for users to create an outer layer used to prevent spam and protect the identity of people more secure. For example, you do not want someone to know your primary email address when signing up on social forums or websites, but you only have one account with Hotmail addresses .... @ ( or @) so you can create virtual email addresses 5 main hotmail.. @ account ..... All emails sent to the virtual address will automatically forward it via the main page. ... @ whereby address will be forever safe from email scanner or those who are curious about your email.

And until now Microsoft allows each user to create 5 virtual account for one year and a maximum of up to 50.Tat virtual account will become even easier when you manage virtual email accounts account inbox.

How to create and manage virtual email address

To create a new virtual email address from your main account, click here and set a username for the virtual address.

After creating a virtual email address, the email sent to this address will be automatically transferred to the Inbox of your primary email address. Search for keyword”to:” and you can see a list of e-mail sent to the virtual address.

However to select messages automatically, you can set a filter rule by going to Options (top right corner), choose More Options. In the Customizing Hotmail, click Rules for sorting new messages then select New. Continue to follow the instructions to select two options include: Only apply to and Move to a new folder