Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Unable to login to Hotmail or Outlook account - Microsoft account doesn't exist.

How to reset the password for Hotmail or Outlook account?
First, you need to reset your internet browser then go to the official website Hotmail or Outlook and click the option can not access your account?
You will see why you can not sing? page, choose one of the options below:
I forgot my password
I know my password, but can not log in
I think someone is using my Microsoft account
Then you will see a page restore your account. Enter your account or phone number and the letters Captcha Microsoft expressed then click Next.

The next page will say we need to verify your identity. You need to choose the best option to get the security code and click Submit code. If you do not have access to any of the options, you need to click the option that says I do not have any of these and click Next
On page Recover your Microsoft account, you need to enter your Microsoft account again you are trying to recover and new contact email, where you want to receive information associated reset, then press next

Only one option left now but to fill in the form to reset your password. Fill it as instructed and waited for reverting.
If you are still experiencing problems and need support for Outlook or Hotmail supportthen click Technical Help button below or to Microsoft step by step instructions to not block Hotmail or Outlook account.
Account does not exist
The first possibility, that you can make any typos or spelling mistakes in typing Outlook or Hotmail email address in this field.
Another possibility is that you can not access Outlook or Hotmail email your id during the past 365 days, so it was removed from the server and now you are getting an error message when you are trying to login.

Your account may have been deleted by yourself or others, often in these cases the competition or hack is found to be involved.
Outlook or Hotmail account you may have been hacked and maybe it has been renamed, so your original email id will become an Alias. Therefore, when you try to sign in with your original account (which is an alias for now), the system will remind you that it does not exist.
While logged into account your Hotmail or Outlook, which can be quite shocking and frustrating at the same time when you get the message that Microsoft account does not exist, as you remember that you signed in to the same account only a few days ago. the possibilities and what remedial measures are? Please read the article above.
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