Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guide check for new mail to Yahoo Mail is not

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- Check Yahoo mail is simple, after logging into Yahoo mail as instructed above you can simply click: Inbox, you'll see a list of emails sent to here, if bold is email email new arrivals, and emails are not bold, the email you have read already.

How to Check Email Yahoo
- Click on a title to open and view the content of messages Yahoo Mail.
Instructions on how to send e-mail using Yahoo Mail
+ Step 1: After logging into Yahoo Mail inbox, you click on "Write" in the upper left corner of the site, under the logo Yahoo Mail, as shown below:

Select Writing
+ Step 2: Enter recipient information Yahoo Mail and mail content editor, attach files to Yahoo Mail, according to the form in the image below:

Sample e-mail editor
- After filling up all the information you click "Submit" to send. You will get the message "Your message has been sent" -> How is your email via Yahoo Mail Success!
- This is a pretty important job, if a certain friend phoned just send email via yahoo contract or your mail, then you should know how to check if you have not received a letter.
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