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Set up Hotmail email account on your computer

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Your Hotmail on your computer. I have step by step instructions with screenshots for Windows Live Mail - in fact, you can add your Hotmail account just as you add any new POP based email account.
Set up your Hotmail account with more benefits.

You can maintain two copies of a Hotmail e-mail on the server and someone else on your local computer.
The copy of the letter on your hard disk protection or accidentally deleted online account hacking.
Now you can backup all your Hotmail email.
You can never run out of storage space, as long as you keep a backup and clean up your online account.

You need an email program to set up your Hotmail account on your computer
To set up a Hotmail account on your computer for free, you need an email program is also known as an email client. FYI, most of you may already have one installed on your system. If you do not you can get a free - refer to the list below and also the list of popular email programs.
Windows XP: Using the inbuilt Outlook Express or choose from Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo Zimbra desktop email program, IncrediMail, etc.
Windows Vista: Use the Windows Mail email client Windows Live Mail or received, Thunderbird, Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop, IncrediMail, etc.
Sorry no Outlook Express to Vista users - you can not install this email program on your operating system.
Macintosh: Apple mail, e-mail program Zimbra Desktop from Yahoo!, Thunderbird, etc.
PC Linux: Thunderbird, Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop, etc.

Setting up POP for Hotmail accounts
Once you have selected an e-mail program, note Hotmail POP settings and configuration and setup email accounts
Please refer to other articles on this website for details.

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