Monday, July 18, 2016

Hotmail Sign in Login: 2-step Verification

Hotmail is used quite popular around the world and the oldest. Currently being upgraded as the Outlook e-mail service with a host of new features to create a user-friendly interface and easy to use for users. 
You need to have an account and a password strong enough to ensure your account is safe. However sometimes your password easily be discovered by hackers online. To prevent this you should verify your account through 2 steps
You will visit to activate the 2-step verification process for your Hotmail account. 
Make sure that you have entered your mobile phone number and your email address before you try to activate the 2-step verification process. You will also need to sign in to your Hotmail account to start this process. Once you enter the page for 2-step verification process, you need to search for the link to ' set verify two step ' and click on it. You will either need to enter your phone number or your email address where Microsoft will send a verification code. Once you have entered your phone number or alternate email address, you need to click on the save option that you find on the page.With this, now that you've enabled the two-step verification on your Hotmail account.
Sign in with 2-step verification
After you have enabled verify 2 steps or visit the Hotmail account, you can sign in to your Hotmail account in the normal way using the username or email address and password. Next, you need to click the login option and now you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to enter a verification code in two steps. The code would have reached the cell phone or your alternate email address. All you need is to enter the code in the type box provided and then click send options to enter your hotmail account. The code will have a 6 digit code and once you have entered the code correctly, you will be able to access Hotmail post your log in the mail.
If you are using the same computer or laptop to access your Hotmail account, then you can check the small box in front of this message is "I login frequently on this device. Don't ask me for a code ".Once done, you will not be asked to enter a verification code 2 steps when you access your Hotmail account from your PC or laptop. If you access your account from a public computer, then Microsoft will ask you to enter the 6 digit code that it will send you to access your Hotmail account.

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