Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What’s New in Hotmail

With hopes can compete fairly with Gmail, after a period of being forgotten and not trusted by users, Microsoft decided to officially launch the new version of Hotmail.

The new version of  Hotmail.

After a time out, the user has to switch from gmail hotmail, from which Microsoft has won over many users.

Since then we see Microsoft try and confidence to compete with Google in the field of web-mail, which is all thanks to the new version of Hotmail launched.

Please join us to learn and discover what led to this change.

1.User-friendly interface

Hotmail new version gives users a clear interface and convenient.

With little advertising set, hotmail has brought the first great dining for everyone. It can be said that less than Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. With Hotmail users can also manually disable your ads by clicking the "Close Ad" button below.

And users will feel quite handy when you want to access the utilities and Microsoft services like Windows Live, Office, images ...

In which users can create folders by clicking on the button "New Folder", and the default folder Hotmail placed on the left side on the screen.

Bing's search box design email email list on the right. If you want to email just fill in the sender's name, keywords, date ...

2.Add more feature rich.

SkyDrive allows users to store documents up to 25GB

Hotmail allows users to store all types of documents and images via up to 25GB SkyDrive service (Gmail is 7 GB).

Hotmail new version also allows users to synchronize data from your computer to SkyDrive. This feature is quite useful and convenient, you can access your documents anywhere, anytime, and especially without fear of data loss in case of trouble.

Office Web Apps is considered the most prominent service which allows creating and editing text files, slideshows, online excels. Thus, users off the ice will find Hotmail convenient than ever.

For people who prefer social networks, Hotmail allows you to connect to their accounts on social networks with your Hotmail account. All update information will be displayed right in Hotmail via the “Social Updates” button.

3. Speed
In this update, Hotmail has optimized source code to achieve the highest speed. According to our reviews, the load speed of Hotmail evenly matched Gmail even faster sometimes.

Thanks to fast speed, Hotmail has attracted many users from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.


The competitiveness of the services on the internet is increasing. Sometimes only a few changes making its services rise ahead of competitors. This change of Microsoft has proved it.

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