Monday, May 9, 2016

Hotmail Plus - features of Hotmail's paid version

Hotmail Plus website with the features of the paid version of the webmail service
To get Hotmail Plus, log into your email account and click the "More Options" menu "Options". Locate the "Upgrade to Hotmail Plus" link in the left column and follow the instructions for payment. I also use counterfeit money will get better support and help from the staff Hotmail.
Update (April 2011): The link appears to be broken Hotmail Plus! Perhaps Microsoft is planning to eliminate it entirely; At least it looks like they may not participate in the new register. Come to think of it, the point of Hotmail Plus when all free accounts in POP3 and unlimited space is what.

At the time of writing the users free Hotmail account storage space is unlimited size 25MB email attachment. You can forward the message to another email account of your choice. Previously, only forwards allowed Microsoft as other account,, etc.
Free POP access Hotmail has (finally) be allowed on all accounts. Now you can configure Hotmail in Outlook Express or any other email client support for Post Office Protocol. In addition, subscribers have switched to Gmail without having to check the accounts is one of the Hotmail can receive mail on Gmail.
Hotmail Plus - get more by paying a small amount
Hotmail also has a paid version called Hotmail Plus without display advertising cost a little less than $ 20 per year. It may also have a few extra features such as attachment size larger or a larger email sending limits, but I'm not sure. However, I do not see a great benefit in this update, unless you want to attach larger files or are not satisfied with the ad is displayed in your account.

Hotmail is one of the web based free email services are the most popular in the world to second only to Yahoo! Mail - please refer to the article on statistics using Gmail for details. It was launched in 1996 (American Independence Day - July 4), and acquired by Microsoft after about 1. 5 years for an estimated $ 400 million to some 8.5 million subscribers who use . Using their marketing power and deep pockets, Microsoft was able to increase the number of such diversity.
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